Funding Instructions

You can deposit funds to your Account by ACH, Account Transfer, or Incoming Wire.

Deposit to Account

ACH Incoming Funds

Electronically transfer funds to and from your checking account.

ACH transfers typically post to your account within 1 business day and are available for no charge. There is a limit of $50,000 per day for all ACH transfers.

To get started, log in and complete the banking setup process.

* The minimum amount for ACH transfer is $100, incoming or outgoing.
* ACH Relationships cannot be established for UTMA/UGMA accounts.
* We hold all initial ACH transfers for an additional 5 business days.
* In the event that an ACH is reversed by NACHA, a $25 fee will be charged and the account will be asked to send funds via an alternate method (wire, cashier’s check, or certified funds).
Funds from ACH deposits cannot be withdrawn for a period of 5 business days due to our clearing firm’s policy

Wire Incoming Funds to:

BMO Harris Bank
111 W Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60603
ABA # 071000288

Further Credit to:
RQD* Clearing, LLC
250 Vesey Street #2601
New York, NY 10281
Account Number: 231622

For Further Credit to:
Your Account Name and Account #


* Wire transfers are usually received the same day that they are sent by your financial institution and will post to your account the day after they are received.
* Funds will be returned if the funds are deemed Third Party (defined as any account other than one of the same name as the account title of your account) or if the account is not opened.
* Incoming funds can only be sent in U.S. Dollars (USD$).
* We do not accept foreign currencies.

Account Transfer (ACAT)

Typically used to transfer an entire account (including cash and securities) from another broker to your new account. Please sign and complete the ACAT form and return it to us with your new account paperwork. Make sure to include a copy of your most recent monthly statement from the transferring broker. You may also fax us a copy of the form so we can initiate your transfer, but we must still receive the original copy. (ACAT transfers take approximately 7 business days).

Click here for an ACAT Form.

Withdraw from Account

You can withdraw funds from your OptionsRoute brokerage account using ACH or Wire Transfer. 

Electronically transfer funds to your checking account.
ACH transfers typically take 24 hours to process and are available for no charge.

There is a limit of $50,000 per day for all ACH transfers. 

You will submit the paperwork to the receiving brokerage firm, not to OptionsRoute.