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Trade Stocks and Options

Trade Stocks and Options Intuitively. Quickly Enter Orders for Stocks, ETFs, and Options Trades.

Options Order Entry

Trade Options from the Streaming Options Screen. Click on any Option Price for Intuitive Options Order Entry.

Options Spread Trading

Simple and Complex Options Spread Trading Strategies are Available. Enter Option Spreads and Trade Rolls.

Trade from Charts

Point and Click Anywhere on a Chart and Enter Your Order. Trading from Charts is Included.

Technical Analysis and Studies

Integrated Charting Analysis includes 25+ Technical Analysis Studies and Tools.

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Trade using IOS, Android, or Web.

Options Trading.
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Customizable - Move Screens, Drag and Drop, Create/Change Layouts
Intuitive Order Entry for Stocks and Options 
Enter Buy, Sell, Stop, Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop Limit, One Cancels Other Orders, One Triggers Other Orders.
Buy and Sell Stocks and Options, Calls and Puts
Enter Trailing Stop Orders on Stocks and Options.
Trade from Charts by Pressing on Any Chart.
Enter Options Spreads Up to 4 Legs
Easily Open/Close, Reverse, or Rollover Positions.
Trade from iPhone/iWatch, iPad, Android or Web.
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